Pursuing the successful realization of global operations.
Since the establishment in 1993, we have grown up each year at the maximum rate and our products have become increasingly popular of all the customers in the world market. Our respectable customers’ tender care for our products has contributed to our present success as one of the largest firms in the field of soft contact lenses.
1. Sandwich Process
Sandwich process is to infiltrate the cosmetic color between the inside and outside layer of the contact lens, which makes comportable feeling and prevents decolorization of the lens.
2. Multi-Curve Aspheric Design
An epoch-making aspheric design makes tearing more in a smooth cycle and the external design has been made out with 3 curves to help the patients have the most comfortable feeling.
About us
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At present we are approaching our respectable customers with the highest quality and technology at the head, and we will exert all possible efforts to realize a great achievement which is moving forward to the highest level of manufacturer of soft color contact lenses. So, we must seek our customers’ further assistance and encouragement for our success. Thanking you for your kind attention.
R & D
We made this sandwich engineering method combine with the technology of auto cast mold production line in our factory and we have been successfully producing our color contact lenses with the highest quality under such a highest level technology in the world.
Research Lab
Domain-specific labs enabling deep scientific research or development of custom solutions.